Maloof Site and Caltrans

tree-lined of the Euclid Avenue
tree-line of Euclid Avenue
The location is significant for two main reasons. One is that Sam Maloof, a woodworker, who created a unique design style lived and had a studio here. The second reason is that the area was the region of Ontario Model Colony which led to a prosperous citrus ranch. 
This example initiated Section 106 when the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) wanted to add roads that impacted multiple historic homes listed on the National Register. The Federal Highway Administration was also connected to the project due to funding.
The outcome of the MOA allowed for the connector roads to be built while adding sound walls and trees to ensure the historic context of the area near the building was protected (MOA reached in 1996).
So what?
This case shows how sites and buildings can have multiple historically important points. Meaning that this site has multiple time periods of importance which Section 106 can help to identify.