Clara Barton’s Office & Home

The office was discovered when an employee of the General Service Administration (GSA) found artifacts of Clara Barton in the attic of building 9. It was later found out that Clara Barton resided and held the “Missing Soldiers” office, helping thousands of soldiers and families reconnect and relocate. 
The General Service Administration (GSA) is a federal agency and was responsible for conducting the Section 106 process.
A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was reached to keep the 3rd floor of the building associated with Barton would remain preserved. The space was restored to Clara Barton’s time period it was turned into a museum for people to experience Clara Barton’s world.
So What?
Good thing that the office worker found Ms. Barton’s stuff! After the undertaking, by the GSA, they had to identify whether or not this was a historic property, and turns out it was. This led to an MOA having to be made and the building turning into a museum.