Hotel Del Monte

The Hotel Del Monte was developed by the railroad magnate Charles Crocker as a resort in the city of Monterey, California. The hotel would later be purchased by the Navy as a part of the Naval Postgraduate School and was renamed Herman Hall.
After the 9/11 attacks, the Navy wanted to remodel and repair the building to bring it up to standard. The Navy determined that it would be too expensive to repair the building and the most economical option would be to tear it down and replace the structures, which is what they planned to do.
Section 106 was a success in this case, where through meetings and agreements the building was able to be repaired and remodeled while maintaining its historical integrity.
So What?
This case is significant because it is a good example of updating a historic place while effectively maintaining its historical integrity. This case shows that historical locations and modern needs such as safety and comfort can work hand in hand to make a safe and secure, but also still historically significant environment.